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Passion is the driving force behind all we do. By channeling it into action, we do incredible things. Born of passion that arose from founder Sy Schnur own experience as a CPA, Personal Financial Specialist, Investment Advisor Rep. Insurance Agent and Business Appraiser. Mt. Kisco Tax and Monetary Services Group, Inc. has earned a reputation for unequalled expertise in varied complex areas. Our passion for knowledge and serving our customers has made MKT&M one of the experts for the various products and services we provide. Our passion for expertise and service continues to win clients ranging from world wide.


We are wholly focused on delivering full-spectrum solutions to our customers. This often means something different for each situation. Whether we’re working with an individual client, a family, multi generations, small business or conglomerate, all of our clients benefit from our many years of proven experience and success in these ever-changing field. From the latest technology to progressive sales concepts, we offer unbiased, cost-effective solutions to help clients obtain the most suitable product or service that best meets their objectives.


We take pride in protecting an individual’s greatest asset – the ability to earn a living. Whether we are working with an person(s), corporation or any other entity type, we offers one of the industry’s largest and most comprehensive product portfolio. Our proactive consultative approach to customer service includes working closely with our multitude of product provider’s to ensure that we provide the best products and services for the benefit of the clients. In this way, we protect both the assets, and the financial futures of the clients and their families to the best of our professional abilities.

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Professional Services

Accounting & Financial Services

  1. Business Entity Selection, Incorporation & Document Preparation
  2. Residential & Non-Resident Tax Registration & Tax ID Numbers
  3. Accounting, Bookkeeping and Write-Up Services
  4. Tax Forms, Organizers & Publications
  5. Tax Deduction
  6. Income Taxes and Preparation
  7. IRS, State or Local Tax Audit or Collection Representation
  8. Not-for-Profit Formation, Accounting and Income Taxes
  9. International Taxation
  10. Estate and Trust Planning and Tax Preparation
  11. Improving Business Performance
  1. Employee Benefits, Pension & Profit-Sharing Plans (Planning & Implementation)
  2. Long Term Planning
  3. Why You Should Use Our Services
    • a) Negotiable Instruments
    • b) Mortgages
  4. Insurance
  5. How to Pay for a College Education
  6. Mortgages and Home Equity Loans
    • a) Real Estate & Home Loans
    • b) Home Equity Loans
    • c) Reverse Mortgages
  7. Credit Card Planning
  8. Getting Out Of Debt
  9. Surviving a Financial Crisis
  10. Business Restructuring
  11. Bankruptcy
  12. Other Borrowing Strategies
  13. Divorce Planning
  14. Succession Planning
  15. Shield Assets From Creditors & Liability Lawsuits
  16. Life Stages – Financial Guide
  1. Business Appraisal (Valuation) for Various Purposes
  2. Business Restructuring, Mergers, Acquisitions & Sale
  3. Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting
  4. Succession Planning
  5. Divorce Planning & Business Appraisal (Valuation)
  6. Estate & Trust Appraisal (Valuation)
  7. Insurance Loss Claims Representation
  8. Wrongful Death Claims Representation
  9. Fraud & Misappropriation Investigation
  1. Business Loans
  2. Debt & Financing Advise
  3. Audits, Reviews & Compilations
  4. Business Plans
  5. Financial Projections & Forecasts
  6. Business Appraisal, Litigation Support & Forensic Accounting
  7. Disability Insurance
  1. Elder Care Advance Planning
  2. Estate, Gift & Trust Planning & Tax Preparation
  3. Eldercare Planning
  4. Complete Insurance Protection Package
  5. Long-term Care Insurance
  6. $ Monetary Services
  7. Business Succession Planning
  8. Business Restructuring, Mergers, Acquisitions & Business Sale
  9. Insurance Monetary Services
  10. Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid
  11. Employment Ideas
  12. International Taxation
  13. Shield Assets From Creditors & Liability Lawsuits
  1. Financial Calculator
  2. Cost of Living By State Calculator
  3. Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Security & Insurance Services

  1. Guide to the stock market
  2. All investment types
  3. Market sectors 2008-2016
  4. Risk profile and investment objectives
  5. ADV Part 2A
  6. ADV Part 2B
  7. Financial planning checklist
  8. Cetera wealth mgt. services
  9. Premier portfolio mgt
  10. Portfolio advisory services
  11. Dimensional funds
  12. Betterman plus dfa funds
  13. Steadfast reit III
  14. Jackson elite access

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Our objective is to help people who have difficult economic and emotional problems feel at ease knowing that we can ease the difficulty and many times eliminate the problem altogether.

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